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Video of the Shooting on Hwy 19 near Trustmark Bank and Aguilar Tire Shop.

Around 1 pm today shots rang out on Hwy 19 near Trustmark Bank and Aguilar Tire Shop. Witnesses at the scene tell me it was four to six shots fired at the subject who was walking down the street. The subject was shot at when he crossed Manning street that runs beside Trustmark. The front windows of Aguilar Tire were shot out and the building was also hit with bullets. Witnesses also tell me that the shooter called the person by name before opening fire.

In the end it's a miracle that no was shot or hurt during this. Keep in mind this was broad daylight in Meridian, MS. This shows everyone that criminals are trying to take over our city. It is imperative that if you see something or know something contact Law enforcement.

Bullet hole above window.

Front glass shot out from gun fire.

Picture of street where gun fire came from

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08 abr 2022

This place is not safe even in the day to be anywhere! Then this police chief we have is giving weather reports out! They should know by now one black is not going to tell on another! Thank u Scotty for letting us hear and see the real deals that go down here!

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