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Truck Stolen At Gunpoint Near Lauderdale

A Lauderdale County resident was awoken to the sound of someone near their front door at 2:20 am on Wednesday Morning. When the home owner opened the front door he was confronted by a man with a gun. The homeowner offered the man the keys to his truck to leave. The suspect Patrick Moore took the truck and left the driveway, the home owner quickly called 911 and reported it to the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s office. The homeowner jumped in his other vehicle and followed him to local business a few miles away. Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says deputies arrived on the scene a few minutes later, the suspect would head to the bathroom and attempt to hide the weapon.

Moore was taken into custody without incident and charged with burglary, motor vehicle theft, and DUI. His bond was set $125,000.

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Moore, Patrick Raynald
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