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Traffic Stop Leads to Felony Arrest inCity of Union

Over the weekend, Officer Joshua Grimes, serving with the City of Union Police Department, executed a routine traffic stop that resulted in the apprehension of a felony drug offender. The arrest marks a significant step in the department's efforts to combat drug-related crimes within the community.

At approximately 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 22, Officer Grimes observed a Gray Ford Fusion traveling south on Highway 15 with a missing headlight, exceeding the speed limit. Acting swiftly, Officer Grimes initiated a traffic stop to address the violations. Upon approaching the vehicle, driven by Nikilette Jim of the Tucker Community in Neshoba County, Officer Grimes immediately detected a potent odor of marijuana emanating from within.

With Ms. Jim's consent, Officer Grimes conducted a thorough search of the

vehicle, aided by Assistant Chief Mitch Kennedy. Their investigation yielded a cache of incriminating evidence, including a grinder, scales, and a THC vape pen. As the search neared its conclusion, Officer Grimes made a startling discovery—a jar concealed beneath the vehicle containing two small bags of marijuana and nearly one gram of powdered cocaine.

Subsequent to the discovery, Ms. Jim was promptly placed under arrest and

transported to the Neshoba County Correctional Facility. She faces charges of

felony possession of a controlled substance, in addition to outstanding warrants issued in Neshoba County.

The City of Union Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of Union by upholding the law, preserving peace, and fostering a safe environment for all residents. The department would also like to remind everyone that all suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you have questions or information regarding criminal activity in your area, please contact the City of Union Police Department at (601) 774-9211 or reach out on Facebook.



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