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“The Newport Power Bandits” Strike Again

Last night the Sunoco in Center hill was the latest to be broken into by “ The Newport Power Bandits”. It’s almost like a scene from the Christmas Movie “Home Alone” where the “Wet Bandits” always leave the water running after they robbed a home. This group of robbers leave their mark on each business they rob, first they take out they the power and always take The Newport 100 cigarettes. I’m not sure of the exact number of stores they have robbed but I’m told as many as 8 stores in the city and also the Country store on Pine Springs have fallen victim to the robbers.

Last night around 2:30 am “The Newport Power Bandits” hit the Sunoco in the center Hill community across from Chet’s Paint and Body. First they took out the power and then the telephone lines, and following their pattern they knock out the front door glass. Once in the store the robbers took all the Newport 100 cigarettes, loose change, and this time taking a locked cash register with them. The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department would find the cash Register a few miles down the road. If you were in the area of Hwy 495 and Center Hill Road and noticed anything , contact the Lauderdale Sheriff’s Department at 601-482-9806.



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