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“The Newport Power Bandits” Bring Crime to North Hills

For the second time this week criminals have burglarized a store in North Hills. Everything indicates to be the same criminals that have burglarized ten or more stores throughout the city and county. With the same MO the thieves strike by cutting the power to a business and and leave behind no Newport Cigarettes.

Last night was no different as they hit Smokey's Number 2 at 4804 Great River Drive. At 1:35 am the power to the building would be cut and a window broken out to gain entry. Once inside the thieves would take a few cigarettes and CBD candy. The thieves would leave only to return at 2:40 am and carry out the cases of stock stored in the back of the store. In the end the criminals would make their getaway with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the store. If you have any information contact the Meridian Police Department 601-485-1893 or Crimestoppers 855-485-8477

Entry gained through side window.

Power box at rear of store.

Whats left of cigars.

Door kicked in to supply room.



live stream




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