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Sunday Tropics Update

Active Systems:
The Weather Prediction Center has issued the last advisory on 
Post-Tropical Cyclone Ian, located over southern Virginia. 

1. Eastern Tropical Atlantic:
Conventional imagery and satellite-derived wind data indicate that 
shower activity associated with a tropical wave located several 
a hundred miles south of the Cabo Verde Islands has changed little 
since yesterday morning.  Environmental conditions, however, are 
forecast to be favorable for some gradual development during the 
next several days.  Therefore, a tropical depression is likely to 
form during the early or middle part of next week while the system 
moves westward, then turns northwestward or northward toward the 
end of the week over the eastern tropical Atlantic.

* Formation chance through 48 hours...low...20 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days...high...70 percent.



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