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Student was Framed -Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department Solves Social Media Threat.

On Monday, December 12th the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Dept, working with the Lauderdale County School District initiated an investigation into threats that were made toward several students at Clarkdale High School. These violent threats were made on a social media platform. After a lengthy and thorough investigation, investigators were able to determine that a student at the school had attempted to frame another student as the perpetrator. We are in the process of contacting the parents of the students who were named as targets in the posting. They will be provided the appropriate information for them to sign charges in Youth Court. The Lauderdale County School District will also be charging the student with making terroristic threats toward school property. These types of investigations require patience, and we would remind students that making any type of threat on any type of social media platform is a crime, and that they will be held accountable.



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