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Social Media Threat Made to Local School

Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Threat at Clarkdale.

I spoke with Sheriff Billy Sollie this afternoon after a parent reached out to me about a threat a student made to harm others. Sheriff Sollie confirmed he was aware of the situation and the Sheriff’s Department is working with school officials to determine if the threat was credible.

A post was made to a social media platform threatening others, the department is tracing the digital footprint to find it’s origin.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department will take all measures to ensure safety of students. Making a fake threat of violence is a criminal act. It doesn't matter if you say it, text it, write it, snap it or post it on social media, students who make threats can face serious consequences. More to follow as this story develops.

Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department will have extra security on campus tomorrow to ensure safety for all students.



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