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Severe Weather Tuesday - Strong Tornado Can't BE Ruled Out.

The timeline for severe weather on Tuesday has pushed up a couple hours , our time to be weather cautions falls between 10 am through 9 pm. Tornado warnings are being issued to our west in Louisiana tonight near Monroe. Be weather aware tomorrow , if you have a NOAA weather radio make sure that it is plugged in and with a battery in case power goes out.

Level 3 (Enhanced Risk)

  • Severe Storms Likely

  • Golf Ball Size Hail

  • Tornadoes possible, can't rule out strong Tornadoes

  • Damaging Wind Gust

Level 3 Area (Enhanced Risk)

SE Kemper County

  • Scooba

  • Giles

  • Poterville

  • Blackwater

  • Kemper Springs

  • Enondale

Lauderdale County

  • All of Lauderdale County

Newton County (Southern and Eastern portion of the county )

  • Lawerence

  • Newton

  • Decatur

  • Hickory

  • Chunky

  • Duffee


  • All of Clarke County

The line will run from Woodville- Brookhaven - Puckett- Newton- Scooba -- to Tuscaloosa , Al

The rest of the state will be a Level 2 except the extreme North West corner of the state which will be a Level 1 .

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