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Severe Weather Level 4 -Tornadoes Likely Tomorrow

The Level 4 (Moderate Risk) has expanded further east in Lauderdale, Southern Kemper. Southern Neshoba, and Leake Counties. The Time line for for the Meridian area will fall between 2 pm and 9 pm. Forest to Vicksburg will be noon to 6pm, and portions of the Mississippi Delta will be from 6am to 2pm.

Remember this forecast is likely to change again before this system actually makes it to the area. Locations that are included in the Level 4.

Lauderdale County Level 4 :

Dunns Fall



Meridian Airport


Highland Park Area

North Crest Baptist Church

Poplar Springs Drive at 493 -

All Points west of Briarwood Road

All points West of Sam Dale Monument

Eastern Lauderdale County is still a Level 3

Clarke County Level 4





All areas to the East of these locations are a level 3

Kemper County Level 4:


Moving to the west on Wooten Road

Jim Ward Road

Bull Swamp Road

Neshoba County Level 4

House, MS at Tolbert Enterprises

McDonald Community

Linwood Baptist Church

Dixon Community


Leake County Level 4

Carthage is the line in Leake County

Damaging winds of up 70 mph, hail golf ball size, and Tornadoes are likely.

Have a weather plan in place tomorrow, know where you will go if a Tornado warning is issued near your home. A NOAA weather Radio is great to get warnings, Scotty Ray’s Weather, don’t rely only on sirens only, you may not hear it.

I will update as information changes with this storm - Below are links to follow to have the latest information

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