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Sample Ballot June 7th Republican primary-Laudrdale County

This is the final week to register to vote if you would like to vote in the June 7th Republican primary. All 82 Circuit Clerk’s offices will be open during normal business hours Monday thru Friday this week, and also open Saturday, May 7th from 8am until noon. Whereas the deadline always fell on a Saturday and was open to accommodate those needing to come into the courthouse, the law has been changed now to the following Monday, with Mississippi’s new deadline being Monday, May 9th.

If you are new to the area and/or have never been registered, this is the week for you. Also every time a voter moves your circuit clerk’s office needs to be updated. For your vote to count you need to be in your correct precinct.

There is NO Democrat Primary as the Democrat Congressional candidate has no opposition and will be on the November general election ballot. Mississippi voters are NOT registered by party as in some States, therefore all voters are eligible to vote June 7th.



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