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Redistricting Plan Threatens Republican Seats

Circuit and Chancery Court redistricting plans were released from the Senate Judiciary A Committee in Jackson late yesterday afternoon.  Lauderdale County is the hub of the 10th District. The proposed plan removes Clarke and Wayne Counties from the 10th District, which has Lauderdale County as the hub. The plan also aims to add Noxubee County. This will turn our 10th Circuit District from Republican/conservative into a Democrat/liberal. Senator Jeff Tate has responded in harsh criticism of the proposal with a statement “This plan is horrible for Meridian and Lauderdale County. This will set our county up to have liberal judges and a liberal district attorney for the next decade, if not longer. I oppose this bill and will do everything in my power to make sure we will have conservative judges and a conservative district attorney.”

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Redistricting Plan

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