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Popeyes College Park - 2nd Business Burglarized Overnight in Meridian!

Burglars were busy on the west side of Meridian last night, Popeyes and T- Mobile were both broken into. Two males would gain entry through the drive through window at Popeyes . The thieves would attempt to break into the safe, and at one point took short break to lay on the floor and grab a cold fountain drink to cool off. After all, you do work up a powerful thirst breaking windows and climbing through small holes without getting cut by the glass.

Our Criminals would leave empty handed and make their way across the parking lot to T- Mobile . The night was still young and the temptation was just too much not try one more time. At 4:30 am our duo would break the window out causing an alarm to sound. They hurried through the window and located a safe . With all of their might they would beat and bang before having to giving up once again. The criminals would vanish into the darkness before MPD arrived.

For the last two weeks, Meridian has been hit with one burglary after another. I'd like to tell you it's over but it's not. Report anything you see that is suspicious to the Police , our small business owners need your help!

  • MPD- 601-485-1893

  • LCSO-601-482-9806

  • Crimestoppers-601-485-8477

  • Emergency -911

Employees at Popeyes awaiting a new window.



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