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Overnight Car Chase Ends in Crash On 23rd Ave.

A normal traffic stop turned into a car chase last night. An Officer with MPD attempted to make a traffic stop near 25th street and 34th Ave . The blue lights came on the white Nissan Altima didn't stop, instead turned south on 35th Ave. The driver kept the gas to the floor, running all stops and red lights until he crossed 8th street. The driver would go east on 7th street then turning north on 23rd Ave (one way Travel- Wrong Direction.) The driver's speed would reach a top speed of 110 while passing 24th street. The driver would fly by MHS at 108 mph before losing control of the vehicle and crashing in the 4200 Block 23rd Ave. The driver was ejected from the vehicle and has been flown to Jackson for medical care. No names have been released at this time and the driver was listed in critical condition.



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