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Overnight Break-in Downtown Meridian

In the early morning hours around 3 am criminals would break into yet another bushiness in Meridian. This time the thieves would force their way into Revive Wellness, which sets across from the Riley Center. This marks the 9th bushiness within a week that I'm aware of that has been burglarized. The description of the pair match that of the thieves that broke into San Marco's Mexican Restaurant on Friday morning.

In each of these burglaries it's been after midnight when they strike , and can range from two to four people . As I mentioned in the last article, if you own a business make sure your cameras and security system are working properly. If you get a notice don't ignore it, act promptly so that thieves can be arrested. You can contact the Meridian Police Department at 601-485-193 or Crimestoppers at 855-485-8477.



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