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Neshoba County Sheriff's Department Arrest Armed Robber within 11 Minutes.

The Neshoba County Sheriff's Department received a call to 911 that a convenience store in the Hope Community had been robbed. A male wearing a Halloween mask armed with an AR 15 style long rifle entered the store and robbed it at gun point. A patron would make the call and describe the Nissan getaway car to deputies, the robber fled taking county road 149 toward Hwy 16. A deputy in route to would recognize the car as it passed him . As the deputy made a u-turn to purse the Nissan, the suspect would pull into the PowWow store on Hwy 16 West in an attempt to blend in. By this time another deputy would arrive for back-up. The deputies would find the mask on the seat with the stolen cash in the door. As deputies ran the serial number on the AR 15 style rifle it would come back stolen from Madison County, MS. The suspect, Jaterrian Stribling was taken into custody without incident. Deputies would recover the $117.00 stolen in the robbery, the suspect is a habitual offender. Stribling has been charged with Armed Robbery and possession of a stolen firearm.

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