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Neshoba County Sheriff's Department Arrest 4 In Car Burglaries At NCF.

On Saturday, July 16, 2022, the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of cars being broken into at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds (NCF). A total of 8 vehicles were reported to have been burglarized with personal property missing. Three handguns, credit cards, debit cards, a stream light flashlight, a checkbook, several wallets and cash were taken.

Sheriff’s deputies received a tip from C&M Security Team (working NCF Security), which included a vehicle description and a tag number of a possible burglary suspect. Deputies patrolled the area, where the vehicle was registered. A traffic stop was made on the suspected car, mid-afternoon on Sunday. The driver led deputies to a nearby home, where the residents helped unravel the car burglary case. A juvenile that lived at this residence was involved in the burglaries. The other three burglars were already in custody in Winston County Correctional Facility. A Philadelphia Police officer stopped a car on Saturday night that had 5 handguns, debit cards, credit cards, ID’s and wallets inside a backpack.

Sheriff Deputies interviewed four suspects, which led to charges being filed on all four that were involved. Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office filed the following charges:

Nicholas D. Green

304 Cherry Avenue,

Philadelphia, MS

8-counts Burglary of Car

Javarius D. Marshall

100 Sistrunk Ave. Lot#7

Philadelphia, MS

8-counts Burglary of Car

Antwone D. Smith

10083 Road 145

Union, MS

8-counts Burglary of Car

1-Juvenile- (Currently in Juvenile Detention)

8-counts Burglary of Car

The rash of burglaries at the NCF could not have hit at a more sensitive time. Sheriff’s Deputies worked around the clock investigating the case. We are appreciative of local off duty deputies serving as NCF security, Philadelphia Police Patrol Officers and the relationship we have with both. It is our mission at the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office to:

Protect life and property and to promote public safety, thus making Neshoba County a better place to live and grow our families.



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