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Neshoba County is Not The Place To Steal Gas and Converters

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office arrested Douglas Kimble in Philadelphia, Neshoba County, Mississippi. He was arrested on the following charges: 2 counts of felony malicious mischief and 1 count of petit larceny. Deputies responded to the Golden Moon Casino to assist Resort Security and Choctaw Police Department on a converter theft call. Deputies arrived and discovered 2 vehicles parked adjacent to each other were vandalized. The vehicles belonged to a married couple, who were retired law enforcement officers from Tupelo, MS. The first vehicle was a 2021 Chevy 4x4 that was leaking fuel from a hole being drilled in the fuel tank. The thieves had stolen an entire tank of fuel from the truck. The second was a 2022 Toyota 4-Runner that was missing both catalytic converters. Damage to both vehicles exceeded $3,000.00.

Officers made contact with Kimble, who was staying in the casino hotel. Once in custody, he was linked to another theft. A construction worker staying at the casino had an assortment of construction tools taken from his company truck. These included a miter saw, air compressor, skill saw, and a drill. These items were recovered from the green F-150 that Kimble was driving. The construction items were released to the owner, who was working on a local construction project.

Kimble stated he had lost his money at the casino. He took fuel to help him get home, the tools were taken to pawn for spending money and the converters were taken to sell later for future needs.

Kimble is being held at the Neshoba County Detention Center awaiting an initial appearance. Kimble is currently out on parole from MDOC for a drug related conviction.

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