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MPD Gets Tip From Santa's Elf- Arrest Suspect in Armed Robbery and Attempted Murder Case

You might say that one one of Santa's Elves gave a tip to MPD this morning when they noticed someone who looked a lot the Suspect from the November 25th Armed Robbery of Tobacco Vapes on 18th Ave. The Armed robbery was much more than just grab and run, the owner/worker of Tobacco Vapes was stabbed multiple times by an Armed Robber which turned the charge into attempted murder. The suspect was first noticed in a fast food chain and he made his way across the parking lot and stood in front of Cash Savers. MPD arrived and took the subject into custody without incident. Since the Armed Robbery the subject had shaved his beard, most likely an attempt to change his appearance. No name has been released at this time as we wait for more details from the Meridian Police Department. Great job and Merry Christmas to the MPD officers who work hard to insure the safety of public.

818 18th Ave S. Tobacco Vapes - November 25, 2022

Pictured released from MPD of Suspect on November 25th



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