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Meridian's Jet Coming Home

Meridian’s Jet is Headed Home

A former RF-4C Phantom II aircraft that served and was flown by Meridian’s 186 th Air Guard Unit has been retrieved from Tucson, AZ. The process to move Meridian’s Jet home is underway. The jet is estimated to arrive in Meridian by June 16. The static aircraft display will be the first completed area within the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park of four planned areas. Plans for a Dedication Ceremony will be forthcoming.

Meridian’s Jet will be displayed honoring the past and present men and women who have served with Meridian’s Air Guard unit since it was official established on September 27, 1939. The jet will also standin honor of all service members from all branches of service who served in the U. S. Armed Forces.

East Mississippi Veterans Foundation

Post Office Box 4755

Meridian, MS. 39304



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