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Meridian's Cash App Scam

I have received numerous reports of people being scammed in the Meridian Area by a phone scam. The first time was on November the 8th at parts store on 8th street. A person was walking in the store and was stopped by a male who had his hood up on his car, he asked if he could use his phone to have someone come picking him. The person loaned the phone and once inside realized the person had transferred all his money from his cash app to his phone. He contacted MPD and described the car as silver/gold Buick century. The man stood about 6 foot three with dread locks.

I've also gotten reports from truck stops, grocery store parking lots, areas all across town. Other reports have it as two males doing the scamming.

The Meridian Police Department has released the following statement concerning the scam.

The Meridian Police Department has received several reports of a scam using the app Cashapp. The victims are being approached by individuals and asked if they can use their phone. Once given the phone they access the Cashapp app and send money to a different account. Then return the phone. Below are a few tips to prevent you from being a victim to this scam.

Meridian Police Department 601-485-1893



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