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Kemper County Arrest Report 5-29-24

Billy McClanahan 05-24-2024 Capias

Dewyan Johnson 05-25-2024 Aggravated Assault; Weapon Exhibiting

Cornelius Jones 05-25-2024 Possession of Controlled Substance (meth); Possession of Controlled Substance (Marijuana)

Erika Thornton 05-26-2024 Conspiracy; Introduction of Contraband

Dustin Kilpatrick 05-27-2024 Possession of Marijuana in Motor Vehicle

Nathaniel Reeves 05-24-2024 Possession of Controlled Substance (Meth); Possesion of Controlled Substance (Marijuana); Driving While License Suspended

Jakenviah Ingram 05-21-2024 Accssory After the Fact; Disturbing the Peace

Jontavious Clark 05-21-2024 Disturbing the Peace; Accessory After the Fact

Seraiah Little 05-21-2024 Disturbing the Peace

Kendarius Ingram 05-21-2024 Accessory After the Fact; Disturbing the Peace; Weapon Exhibiting



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