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Human Remains Found in Neshoba County.

Around 7:45 am this morning a motorist would spot something on the edge of the road in rural Neshoba County. By 8 am Neshoba County Deputies were on the scene where CR 729 and CR 733 meet on Hwy 491. Sheriff Eric Clarke confirms it was skeletal remains found. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation was called, Mississippi Wildlife officers, and the coroner. The remains have been in the outdoors for some time, a minimum of two years if not longer. Sheriff Clarke called Kemper County Sheriff James Moore to the scene with this being so close to the Kemper County line. Deputies searched the area for any and all clues that could give light to the case. The remains have been sent to the Mississippi Crime Lab for further investigation. Although not confirmed, the remains appear to be that of a female. The Neshoba County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate. As always if you have any information that would help solve this mystery you can call Crime Stoppers at 855-485-8477 or the Neshoba County Sheriff's Department at 601-656-7659.



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