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Here is How You Can Help The Family That Lost Everything This Weekend!

Donations Can be dropped off at Al's Gardens and Gift at 9803 State Blvd Ext, Meridian, MS 39305or the The Jewelers Bench at 4803 Poplar Springs Dr, Meridian, MS 39305. The Family lost everything, here is a list of their needs.

10 Year old boy-12/14 Husky Shoe size 5

10 Year old boy- 10/12 Shoe size 5

8 year old girl- 10/12 Shoe size 4 shoes

19 year old boy- 38/30 Shoe size 11 1/2

Female Size 22 (3X) Shoe size 8 1/2

Female Size 18/20 Shoe Size 7/12

Male 3X Sorts 5X shirts Shoe size 12

Also West Lauderdale Elementary is doing a fund raiser.

The family would like to thank everyone for your kindness during this difficult time.



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