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Crime Wave Continues as 18K Worth of Inventory Stolen.

Meridian can add three more business to the list that have been burglarized. Criminals would start earlier than normal and break into their first business around 8:30 pm . National Sales and lease at 3410 8th Street is where it began, from there they traveled west to 4201 8th street and would force their way into Baber's around 10:30 pm.

The third business would be Tobacco Vapes located on 18th Ave near I-20 nearly 2 miles due east of Baber's. The burglary matches that of the criminals I nicked named the "Newport Power Bandits", due to the fact the criminals kill the Power to the Building and steal all the Newport 100 cigarettes. A few months back the Country Store on State Blvd, the Sunoco on 495, and Smokey's 2 in North Hills had the exactly burglaries. This time the thieves would get away with nearly 18K worth of merchandise from the store, for the most part, it was cases of Newport cigarettes stolen along with a few other items. The owner of the store says he no longer has insurance to cover his inventory, due to being dropped for being too high risk after multiple break ins.

If you own a bushiness check on it often after hours, make sure your camera system is on a battery back so when the criminals kill the power and alarms go off you'll still have video of them. In less than two weeks the following businesses have been burglarized.

  • Revive Wellness

  • Roses Express

  • Mobile Fix

  • San Marco's

  • Burger King

  • Tractor Supply x 2

  • Raising Canes

  • Hair Queen

  • Dairy Queen

These 10 business are the only ones I'm aware of , I may not have known about others. You can contact me at or inbox me on Facebook if you know of others.

Stay safe Meridian !



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