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Charges Filed on Police Impersonator

Many of you have read the post floating around on Facebook today about a Police Impersonator in Meridian last night. Well it's true and thankfully no one was hurt. I spoke to Katyln Hoffer this morning after she had posted the story to her Facebook page. As most know this is a crime that still haunts the Meridian area from May of 1983 when Melinda Gail Weathers and Carol Formby were reported missing.

To say the least when this is reported it is taken very seriously. Katyln Hoffer and her boyfriend would be traveling home on I-20 headed west. Along about where McDonald's is located is when they would notice blue and white lights in their rear view mirror. What was odd, the blue lights would be on the shoulder of the road between their car and the concrete barrier. Katyln urged her boyfriend to stop and he told her he didn't think it was the police. They switched to the left lane and he quickly moved to the lane they were traveling in. He rolled his window down with the blue lights still flashing. When Katyln's window went down he noticed a man in the car and sped up and fled. They quickly called 911 and told dispatch what was happening, they got close enough to get the tag number. He took a right turn off I-20 and headed to 65th Ave. He stopped at Randy's One Stop on 65th Ave and Old 8th Street and waited a few minutes. He again got in behind another car and turned the blue lights on, by this time the Calvary arrived. Officer Collin Kent would be one of the first from The Meridian Police Department on scene. The Silver Toyota car was stopped near the soccer complex. Blake would press charges against the individual, because he was the driver of the vehicle. We are currently waiting for information from MPD on what the individual was charged with.

Katyln will be a guest next week "On Mornings with Scotty Ray and Debbie", we will post which day she will be a guest. Meridian Stay safe !

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