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Pet Lodge/ Top Dog Grooming & Boarding VS Owner - Dog Returned to Owner.

Updated: Feb 18

The Philadelphia Police Department has intervened in the missing dog incident at Pet Lodge/ Top Dog Grooming & Boarding in Philadelphia, MS.


Over the last couple of days, a heated argument occurred between Pet Lodge/ Top Dog Grooming & Boarding and Blair Hennington over ownership of a Bernedoodle dog. The dog went missing in the Philadelphia area a few days ago and a dog that looked similar was posted on Pet Lodge/ Top Dog Grooming & Boarding FB Page. Hennington stated on a FB post that the groomers would not allow her to see the dog.


This morning the Philadelphia Police Department went with Hennington and Pet Lodge/ Top Dog Grooming & Boarding to a local veterinarian in Philadelphia. The dog was scanned for a chip but it was not found. But the dog had markings, even though the dog had been allegedly dyed, proving that the dog belonged to Hennington. As of now, no charges have been filed in the case according to Chief Eric Lyons of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Below are FB Post made by Each Party



live stream




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