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Arrest Made - Neshoba Car Burglaries

A series of car burglaries that started in Winston County, on August 21, 2023, led investigators to solve multiple cases and led to the arrest of 2 adults and a juvenile. Early Monday morning 2 male subjects burglarized 4 cars in Winston County at 2 different residences on Mars Hill Road. One of those vehicles was a Ford F-150 police vehicle, where the subjects stole an AR-15-styleincluding police rifle, ballistic vest, and the officer’s handgun. Just down the road they entered 2 more cars and stole 2 more handguns from vehicles in the yard.

They weren’t so lucky that night in Neshoba County. The resident on County Road 397 interrupted the robberies at his residence. The homeowner shined a light and fired shots to deter the burglars. Home security cameras at the residence and at one of the residences in Winston County revealed a vehicle description to investigators.

The vehicle was entered into our local Flock License Plate Reader system, which identified the registered owner’s address. The deputies, with the assistance of the Winston County police officer, recovered pieces of evidence to include the missing patrol rifle. Over the course of the next 2 days, deputies recovered 3-AR-15 rifles, 4 handguns, the ballistic vest, handgun holsters, and several handgun magazines.

One of the handgun holsters expanded the investigation and helped solve car burglaries on Golf Course Road and Airpark Drive. Multiple vehicles were burglarized at 2 residences on Golf Course Road, including the taking of a wallet and 2 handguns. The burglars proceeded to Airpark Drive and broke into a truck to steal a box that contained 20+ cell phones.

Markevious Clemons

13181 Road 571

Philadelphia, MS

· 5-Counts Commercial Burglary, Cars

Gavin Stovall

10980 Road 4300

Union, MS

· 7-Counts Commercial Burglary, Cars

The juvenile has been charged with 7-Counts Commercial Burglary, Cars.





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