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Arrest Made For Growing Marijuana In Neshoba County.

On August 2, 2022 at approximately 4:00 pm, Neshoba County Sheriff’s Deputies, with assistance from MS Bureau of Narcotics Field Officers, seized 27 mature marijuana plants. Deputies received an anonymous tip that stated the marijuana plants were visible from State Highway 21N. Officers traveled to 16460 Highway 21N, Preston, MS 39354 (Neshoba County) and were overtaken by the smell of raw marijuana from the roadside. Officers observed 27 mature marijuana plants growing in a vegetable garden adjacent to a mobile home residence. The marijuana plants, along with several tomato plants were visible from the State Highway. Officers documented a manicured area, near the mobile home, that revealed recent care for the plants, watering and fertilization. The garden revealed several impressions that indicated recent removal of plants.

On 08/04/2022, Ricky Leon Files was booked into the Neshoba County Detention Facility on charges of manufacturing of a controlled substance. Files posted a $5,000 cash bond and was released from the Detention Facility.

Ricky Leon Files

16460 Hwy 21N

Preston, MS 39354

67 yr. old W/M

Charged: Manufacture of a Controlled Substance

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Bobby Gene
Bobby Gene
Aug 30, 2022

So sad when nature is illegal.



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