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Arrest in Human Trafficking in Neshoba County

Choctaw, MS - On April 12 - 13, 2024, law enforcement agencies from the Choctaw Police Department, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Justice Services (OJS), Division of Drug Enforcement (DDE), and the Neshoba County Sheriff's Office joined together and conducted a human trafficking operation at the Golden Moon Hotel and Casino. The main purpose of the operation was to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking to include a vice operation and interdiction stops.

The operation yielded three (3) total arrests:

  • Two (2) firearms seized.

  • Approximately one (1) gram of methamphetamine seized.

  • Approximately three (3) grams of powder cocaine seized.

  • Approximately thirty-one (31) grams of crack cocaine seized.

  • Approximately ten (10) grams of marijuana seized.

  • One (1) female victim involved in prostitution.

  • One (1) male arrested for a child pornography case and is a suspect in a juvenile sexual assault case. One (1) of the males arrested for possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

  • Two (2) cellular phones seized.

The operation was successful in having the law enforcement agencies to work together conducting the operation covertly without incidents and in the number of firearms seized from the casino and types of arrested made will have an impact on the communities, with the safety of officers/agents combined.



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