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Armed Robbery in Meridian

Once again crime strikes in the area between I-20 and College Park at 325 Hwy 19 North. This is the address of the murders that happened a few weeks ago in the afternoon. Last night around 9:30 pm two individuals were robbed at knife point outside/parking lot of the Exxon gas station by three black males dressed in all black. One of the victims did receive minor injuries during the robbery.

A few of the crimes in the area:

  • May 16th- Person shot in the neck 19 north and 5th street

  • Week of May 9th- 325 Hwy 19 -Snatch and Grab Cash

  • April 28th- Two Murders- 325 Hwy 19 North

  • April 28th- Meridian Cycles Shot/ car crashed into building

  • April 20th - Shell Station Robbed at Gun Point - 1600 Key Ave Hwy 11 South

  • April 7th- Front Windows shot out of Aguilar Tire, (Person was shot at )

These are just a few of the crimes in the area, there are many more. . If you have any information on this incident contact the Meridian Police Department 601-485-1893 or Crimestoppers 855-485-8477.

Stay Safe Meridian

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