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Absentee Voting for Republican primary election for Congressional District 3.

June 7, 2022 is the Republican primary election for Congressional District 3. We are asking the voters to check their calendars for vacation dates, a conference, surgery, etc., to see if they need to vote an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots are available now in the Circuit Clerks office. Also if you will be working during the polling hours of 7am to 7pm you may vote absentee. Lauderdale County has returned to using precinct scanner’s with paper ballots and there are no long lines as with the prior touch-screen’s. Voter ID is required with any government issued picture ID as with your driver’s license, etc. Out of state driver’s license are acceptable as well as one not over 10 years of an expiration date.

There is no Democrat primary in June, as the Democrat nominee has no opposition and with be on the November general ballot.

If you have question call the Circuit Clerks office at 601 482-9731.

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