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Absentee Voting

All 82 Circuit Clerks around the State are asking voters to look at their calendar to make sure they will be in town for the November 8th, 2022, general election, otherwise they need to vote an absentee ballot NOW. As a reminder, many voters go to the mountains, have conferences or conventions, during this election cycle every year, and know they need to vote absentee.

Several of the colleges will be having” Fall Break” whereas the students will be home and take advantage of voting during this time span. Also check calendars for a scheduled surgery, or anything that will take you away from your precinct location on election day, etc.

Lauderdale County has returned to paper ballots with precinct scanner’s and no longer have long lines as with the “touch-screens”. Voters are encouraged to vote at their precinct on election day, where you just walk in, and walk out, which is their ”County precinct “, listed first on their voter registration card.

If one needs to vote an absentee ballot, they are encouraged to do so NOW and not to wait. Questions, contact the Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Office at 601 482-9731

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