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600 Stolen Catalytic Converters Confiscated

600 Stolen Catalytic Converters have been recovered through a joint effort by the Meridian Police Department, Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office, and MBI.The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department arrested a male subject that had a warrant from the Meridian Police Department for a converter theft within the city limits of Meridian, which started the investigation.

According Chief Deborah Naylor-Young, Meridian detectives were informed about the stolen items while conducting a separate investigation. Once the information was confirmed, MPD detectives obtained a search warrant. It was executed with the assistance of Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Lauderdale County Sheriff Department for a county address.

The Catalytic Converters were recovered last week (Friday) at an unknown location in Lauderdale County. No arrest have been made as of yet. The incident is still under investigation with arrest likely to follow. The Meridian area like most towns have been hit hard by thieves who use a saw to quickly cut the converters off. Last year Sanders Gas trucks were hit by thieves costing the company a large amount to replace.

Thanks to the City of Meridian and Sheriff Billy Sollie for information on the case.

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09 janv. 2023

Hope they catch them. We have spent thousands replacing them from theft over the last couple of years.



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