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3 Burglaries in One Night- John Deere Dealership is the Latest in Meridian

SunSouth located on South Frontage Road was the 3rd business in Meridian to be struck by burglars in the overnight hours. Thieves gained access by cutting a hole in the chain link fence, once in side they got busy. The thieves attempted to steal three tractors but in the end only got away with one. The locks were cut on the back of building and you might say they just drove right out. Most likely the thieves had a truck and trailer parked down the right, one John Deere tractor was left stuck in the mud where they were most likely going to load it. They were able to steal a 3038 Compact Tractor, we are awaiting a statement from MPD on this theft plus the two tire shops that were broken into on 8th Street.

Above is a cut in the fence where thieves gained access tot he parking lot.

A stuck John Deere still sits where thieves were not able to load it.

Gate where locks were cut and tractor driven through.

Above is a picture of the model and type there was stolen from SunSouth.



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